The Empowered Mother’s Guide

Are you currently expecting or planning to become pregnant in the near future?

Are you nervous about the whole idea of giving birth? Worried about how much it’s going to hurt? Or how long it will take you to recover?

Do you have questions about where you should give birth? Should you use a midwife, a doctor or both? Are you worried about unnecessary medical procedures and want to know what you can do to avoid them? Do you want to have a vaginal birth after cesarean section but find doctors are refusing to work with you?

Join world renown pregnancy, parenting and childbirth experts Susun Weed, Nekole Shapiro, Dr. Marcy Axness and others as we explore ways to make your birthing and parenting experience the best it can possibly be! Are you ready to discover what is possible for you?

The Empowered Mother’s Guide will help you to learn how to:

  • learn about stress and the effects on your baby’s brain development
  • take a look at Dad’s role in pregnancy and parenting
  • prepare for impact your new baby will have on your relationship
  • discover how father’s cultivate attachment
  • understand the anatomy, physiology and psychology of giving birth
  • discover a variety of natural remedies to ease the discomforts of pregnancy
  • learn about oxytocin hormone and the important roles it plays
  • avoid the need for an episiotomy
  • protect your pelvic floor from damage
  • address your fears and move through blocks
  • learn the secret to great parenting
  • and lots more!

You’ll learn about the latest science and new techniques. You’ll discover forgotten secrets used by ancient wise women to assist with childbirth as you empower yourself to have a happy, healthy and holistic birthing experience.

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Your free gifts just for signing up:

  • eBook: 20 Early Warning Signs of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction by Dr. Sandra Bevacqua
  • Empowered Birth Checklist for Couples by Dr. Marcy Axness
  • Love Mitts Meditation by Nekole Shapiro
  • Lab Tests and Interpretations ~ What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You by Dr. Aumatma
  • Complimentary Individual or Relationship Coaching Session via Phone or Skype with Dr. Rhona Berens
  • Nourishing Herbal Infusions, Drink Your Way to Health the Wise Woman Way by Susun Weed

Guest Speakers:

susunweed150emgSusun Weed is a world renown herbalist, author, wise woman, and extraordinary teacher with a joyous spirit, and a powerful presence. She is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to herbs and women’s health and is the Director of the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock, New York. She is the voice of the Wise Woman Way, where common weeds, simple ceremony, and compassionate listening supports and nourishes health, wholeness, and holiness. Over the past three decades, Susun has opened hearts to the magic and medicine of the green nations. Ms. Weed’s five books on herbal medicine focus on women’s health topics including menopause, childbearing, and breast health. Susun has appeared on NPR, NBC News, CNN, and and has been quoted and interviewed in many major magazines.

 Dr. Aumatma is a Naturopathic Doctor with a Masters in Science in Nutrition. She has been practicing medicine for 10 years and is committed to listening deeply, so that the medicine can reveal itself and be truly individualized for exactly what the person needs. Dr. Aumatma knows that the true healing is not her doing something to the other person, but rather her ability to hold space and allow for the client’s unfolding.

Dr. Aumatma is a highly sought speaker on topics of Fertility, Women’s Health, and Women’s Empowerment. She was also awarded the “Best Alternative Medicine Practitioner″ award by Best of Oakland Magazine in 2015; she consults with clients locally in the Bay Area and works virtually with clients anywhere in the world.

Dr. Marcy Axness is an early development specialist, popular international speaker, and author of Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers. Dr Axness’ areas of expertise include adoption, prenatal parenting, and interpersonal neurobiology. Her research question never wavers: How do our conventional parenting, childcare and education practices affect our children’s healthy development and potential? And in a research climate that is always asking how things go wrong, Dr. Axness’ passion is to focus on what can go right — how we can optimize potential and do it in a healthier and more joyful way? Her teachings are imbued with a relevance and compassion borne of her willingness to share her own parenting struggles, joys and discoveries. Dr. Axness has a private practice coaching parents-in-progress, and considers as one of her most important credentials that she raised two peacemakers to share with the world — Ian and Eve, both in their twenties.

Nekole Shapiro is an educator, doula and the creator of Embodied Birth. Nekole helps you dive into your body to find your own best expert for your own best life.  She combines a lifetime of hands-on body work experience with her Columbia University pre-medical and cultural anthropology studies. She is a second-generation grassroots organizer, educator and bodyworker. Nekole finds some of her greatest personal growth through her 20 year relationship with her husband and through consciously parenting two powerhouse daughters.

Today, Nekole is a go to person for parents, birth pros, sex educators, activists and countless others searching to bring the human back to humanity.  Her “almost indescribable” approach is catching on. One small warning…… Nekole has been known to change lives!

Dr. Rhona Berens helps expecting couples and parents stay sane and stay together. Rhona is passionate about giving parents fun and easy tools to cultivate family wellbeing and parent effectively. She also helps expecting couples prepare for the profound changes that arrive with their baby. Rhona knows that parenting teamwork not only enhances parents’ fulfillment, it’s crucial to infants’ and children’s developmental health. She is a Gottman Educator for Bringing Baby Home and The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. She is also a certified facilitator for The Children’s Project, which offers workshops to parents, teachers, health professionals and community organizations based on Dr. Gerald Newmark’s groundbreaking book, How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children. Rhona offers practical advice to parents at Your TangoEveryday Family, HuffPost Parents, Parent Map, and

Your Host:

SandyBevacqua_emgDr. Sandra Bevacqua, a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology with additional expertise in Genetic Engineering, Nutrition and Human Biology. She has worked as a research scientist at the university and government levels and lectured for medical professionals around the globe since 1986. In 1998, Dr. Sandy started her private practice in Tucson, Arizona where she educates her clients and their healthcare providers to understand how one’s diet, nutrition and lifestyle may be used effectively to balance blood chemistry thereby addressing many health concerns.

Most recently, Dr. Bevacqua has focused on developing educational programs in the field of Holistic Women’s Health. Frustrated by the lack of options available to women faced with pelvic health concerns she developed The Pelvic Health Transformation Program, The Pregnant Pelvis Program and The Mystery is Over! Understanding Female Sexual Health in which women of all ages receive the education and the techniques needed to naturally recover from all types of incontinence, urinary urgency, pain and loss of function due to organ prolapse, pelvic pain syndromes, as well as sexual misunderstanding or dysfunction. Dr. Sandy works closely with each woman to create an individualized program which addresses each client’s unique situation, gently bringing her body back into balance.



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